Elaine B

“We (Dr. Vangelisti and I) have had some obstructions to overcome, but things look good now. I really appreciate Dr. AND Shannon for all interests in my health. Good job, well done.”

Sonova F

“Dr Vangelisti has provided excellent care for my husband and daughter. I appreciate his great bedside manner and helpful staff.”

Josie N

“Dr.V and his comedy team are the most awesome team I’ve ever experienced. Could not hold back my laughter through the whole procedure. This was the most fun I’ve ever had during a medical procedure. They need to have their own TV show. Thank you everyone that were there at my side. ”


“He actually is a very good doctor. I had carpal tunnel in both hands and both were severe cases. I had the condition for over twenty years. I still have numbness in a few of my fingers on the right hand and it was my worst one. My left hand is completely healed. The good thing is I no longer wake up in severe pain. I hand the invasive surgery too. I, myself think he is amazing.”

Rick F

“I had very severe carpal tunnel in both of my hands.  Dr. Vangelisti performed endoscopic surgery on both my hands.  The recovery was quick and the night after my surgery, my usual pain and numbness was gone.  Three days later I was golfing.  I was back at work and life immediately.”

Robert L

“On October 6, 2015 I had a horrific bicycle crash while training for IRONMAN Arizona. I had multiple broken bones including my thumb. It was the thumb on my dominant hand that was severely broken and needed reconstructive surgery. I’m a police officer and my thumb is critical for my job and for shooting my gun. I contacted Dr. Vangelisti about the injury and after assessing my injury and viewing the X-ray he assured me he could fix it. My surgery went great and just over 8 weeks post surgery my thumb is almost completely healed. I’ve already been to the shooting range and qualified to my department standards. My shooting was as good, if not better, than before the crash. I have very minimal scarring from the thumb repair area. Dr. Vangelisti did an amazing job.”